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March 23, 2012


Having a healthy body doesn’t actually means you have healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. While this two might greatly contribute to having a healthy body, there are also certain factors that basically directly affects your weight. This are :
AGE – normally, metabolism naturally slows down with older people. This is the reason why older people have the more tendency to gain weight than younger ones.
ILLNESS – people with illness are most likely to have a weaker and unhealthy body than those that are not. Also, metabolic rate are usually increase when our body heats up ( above normal body temperature) so there is a huge possibilty that people with high fever will have faster metabolic rate.
GENDER – female species are created the alike with male ones. But not the same. Men, are born with tons of muscles than a woman. Since a muscle loaded body needs more calories to maintain, men tend to burn calories faster than a woman. This is the reason why men aren’t overweight beings in general.
MENTAL ACTIVITY – ever had the feeling of getting weak when all you do all day is to sit in the office? It’s because the mental activity directly affects the calories in our body. Our brain, uses 20 percent or more calories burned by our bodies.
GENES – some people are born naturally with faster metabolism while some are given slower metabolic rate. This is why some people over eat but never have to bother about gaining weight. Simply because they are blessed with faster metabolic rate so its easy for them to burn down extra calories.

This factors are no doubt can affect our weight but there are certain ways to minimize its effect on our body. Truth is, while this may be a great contributor to our gaining of weight or losing weight, we still hold the key to achieve a healthy body we deserve.