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March 23, 2012

postheadericon Finding the Perfect Shampoo for Hair Loss

Do you ever experience walking one in the morning and facing the mirror wishing that your hair grow thicker? Many people, especially women are concern with their hair because they feel like their hair can add up to their personality. This is quite true. This is the reason why many women when they suffer from hair loss tend to get desperate. They want to look for ways on which they can stop the hair loss and grow their hair back. There are many reasons why a woman suffers from hair loss. It might be that she acquired it from her genes; meaning, their family has a history for falling hair. Sometimes too, it can be caused by too much stress or a certain medical condition. If you think that it is, visit your physician immediately. However, there are cases too in which a woman gets hair loss because of using the wrong shampoo.
That being mentioned, you should consider replacing your old shampoo and if possible, replace it with shampoo that can allow your hair to grow back. However, doing this might be a bit hard. There are so many shampoos out in the market today that you actually find it hard to figure out which brand will work perfectly for you. Apart from that, you can’t basically copy your friend’s shampoo just because it works well for her. Obviously, different people have different hair texture and needs. That certain shampoo might work for your friend but not for you. When you copy, there is possibility that the effect will be different and you end up wasting your money. Due to that, it is important that you know how to find the perfect shampoo that will work for you.
Your first task is to ask your dermatologist. Explain your situation. Your dermatologist will suggest shampoo for you. Either you should use shampoo with higher PH content or nioxin shampoo. Next would be making sure that you are shampooing your hair the right way. For example, before you shampoo, use hot oil and let it stay for 20 minutes. Also, do not forget to shampoo your hair ONCE. Shampooing more than once will strip your hair with its natural oil. When rinsing off your hair, use cold water. Cold water will close your scalp pores. Moreover, it will also enable your hair not to suffer from constant frizzing. When you want to avoid falling hair, start with taking good care of your hair.