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March 30, 2012

postheadericon Lose Weight by Changing your Eating Habits

Habits are hard to die especially if we do it for who knows when you have start. One of the major habits we have hard time changing is our eating habits. The temptation is always too strong to resist. Foods are our best friends. Always have, always will be. But as much as foods gives us energy to stay active, it can also give us problems if we don’t make sure we are not over eating.
Slowly cut off your red meat intake. Red meat is said to have saturated fats which is mainly the cause of diseases like heart disease. This will not mean cutting off red meat from your diet permanently but reducing off your red meat intake.
When eating, always try your effort to start off with salad or soup. This will prevent you from over eating because your stomach has already food in it. The next thing is to avoid fried foods. Shift to broiled or baked foods as they are less bad for you rather than fried foods .
Lastly, always make sure to finish your meal with fruits. Fruits are known to be good in boosting up your metabolism. This will be a great help for you to lose weight.
Also, along with foods that we eat is the drinks. Always avoid sugary drinks for it will neither quench your thirst nor give you health benefits. Always choose water above any colored drinks.

Don’t be such a start-it-now-and-start-again person. This is probably the major problem for most people. After starting off a healthy program for themselves, then in one strike of temptation, there they go again, doing unhealthy lifestyle and eating unhealthy foods. They would just reason out that they have all the time to start out again. This is not the right attitude when dealing with losing weight.
Always be consistent with your goals. Starting it now and starting it all over again will make yourself get used to the idea that its okay to start and never have to finish which is not good.
Secondly, keep a food journal. This will be great help to track down everything that you eat that might cause you to gain or lose weight.
Lastly,keep motivated! This will allow you to always reach for your goal and will enable you to get moving everyday.
Too much eating are one of the primary factors why people gain weight. So if you can control your eating habits and have the discipline to change our unhealthy eating habits to healthy one, maybe we have a better chance on losing weight and hopefully, a chance to have a healthy body!