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March 23, 2012

postheadericon The Humble Beginning of Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood is famous in India and all actors and actresses aspired to be part of Bollywood. One of the most famous actors in the industry today is Shahrukh Khan. Khan has made a total of 70 films and has been labeled as the King of Bollywood. Khan was born on November 2, 1965. His parents were Indian but according to Khan, his grandfather from his father side comes from Afghanistan. Khan becomes an orphan at the age of 15 when his father died because of cancer and her mother followed his father shortly. Khan claimed that it was a major turning point of his life. He decided to become an actor and wanted to create films that will show case his talent. He said that by doing so, his parents would be proud of him. So basically, Khan made his parents his inspiration to get to the position where he is right now.
Like any other actors in the industry, Khan had to endure “unpopular years” before he made it to Bollywood. Khan has performed different role including the villain’s role. That is where her popularity started because he can be very flexible. That was the beginning. Khan started to conquer the limelight and has been starred in many films. Those films make it big making Khan even more popular. That was when different offers start to pour – different roles and different movies. Khan had already creating a name in the industry. He was not like any other actor that the moment their shining moment passed, they too lose their fame. Khan made it sure that he keeps his fame. Until 2000, Khan was still doing movies. All in all, Khan has received 14 awards for her acting ability. For other actors, that was a great number. You would be lucky if your talent get recognized for 5 times. But Khan’s talent was indeed superb and outstanding.
Unknown for many people, Khan also do charity works. He donated money to organizations that needs financial help. Khan was closed to people with cancer and AIDS and has spent his money donating to those charities that help cancer patients. This might also have something to do with his father’s death. Khan is also responsible for creating the children’s ward in a certain hospital at Mumbai. He dedicates the children’s ward to his mother’s memory. All in all, Khan was known not only in the Bollywood but all over the world. Khan is one of the most popular movie actor which people wanted to see and the most recognizable faces in Indian films and cinema.