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March 23, 2012

postheadericon Knowing the Important Parts of a Sailboat

Some of us are fond of riding land vehicles and are quite amazed with it such as cars. However, there are also those people that are quite interested with sailboats and sailing. They are attracted with the thoughts that they can get to another places with their own effort. That is the reason why sailing is fun – much more, when you are in control of the sailing period. A sailboat is a type of water vessel that relies primarily on wind as its main source of energy and allows it to move above the water. You can also use motors and other supplemental power to make the sailboat run smoothly. However, that is not just the important thing you need to know – you should also familiarized the sailboat parts as well.
Knowing the sailboat parts will help you understand on how the sailboat works and functions. While most people don’t actually care about its parts since they only want to ride on the boat and enjoy the sail, there are also some people who are quite interested with knowing all the parts especially those that are planning to take their sailing hobby seriously. For sailboat enthusiasts, it doesn’t the sailing and the ride that thrilled them but knowing that every part of their sailboat are impressive and in good hands. When they do this, they will be confident that they will have a safe sailing.
Here are some tips on which you can identify the different sailboat parts.
•    Bring yourself to the bow of the sailboat. If you don’t know what the bow is, it is the fore part of the sailboat. When you do this, you will know that the foresail connects up to the front of what we called the prow – the extended part of the bow. The prow is useful because it is where the jib and the head of the jib is connected until its service is required.
•    Go to the cockpit. As you all know, this is the place where the crew sits as well as the captain so they can have the full control of the wheel – the wheel of course is responsible for the directing the sailboat to a certain direction.
•    Look for aft. This is usually located at the back of the boat. You will also know that the rudder do the guiding of the sailboat so it doesn’t bump on the port.
•    Check the center. This is to make sure that the sailboat is not at risk of encountering over turning situation.
Indeed, there are many sailboat parts you still need to know so you can call yourself a sailboat expert – for now, the above mentioned parts will do.