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March 23, 2012

postheadericon How to Stop Bad Breath

You love talking with your friends. You love to share stories and share funny moments but the thing is, your friends turn their heads whenever you speak. You know you are not being boastful and you didn’t say anything bad. If this is the case, then you should check with yourself. Your friends might not say it directly but they may notice that you are having a bad breath. Instead of saying it out loud and hurt you, they prefer to keep it and just turn their heads when you speak. Okay, a friend should tell you the truth – always. But that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy task. Sometimes, telling the truth is quite difficult rather than saying a lie. So, if you think that your friends might not be saying it straight to your face, check yourself.
It’s not difficult to notice that you are having a bad breath because even you can detect it. Most of the time, having a bad breath is quite disappointing and a lot more frustrating. Not all bad breath cases might be due to poor hygiene because there are cases on which it happens because a person has bad odor intestines.  But nonetheless, a bad breath is commonly caused by bacteria. Fortunately, if you have a bad breath, there is nothing to worry about as you can stop it. There are many ways on which you can do it such as:
•    Maintain a good oral hygiene. This means that you have to visit your dentist once or twice a year. You should brush your teeth regularly. Once every morning and before you sleep. Also, use mouthwash rinse. These steps will somehow kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.
•    Scrape off your tongue. More often than not, you get bad breath due to the white residue left in your tongue. Get rid of it. This is possible through the use of a white spoon or tongue scraper.
•    Brush teeth after eating protein enriched foods. Usually, when these foods are being breakdown, bad breath can happen. So when you eat foods like milk and fish, be sure to brush your teeth afterwards.
•    Stay hydrated. Having a dry mouth always promotes bad breath. If you can, drink plenty of water.
However, if your bad breath continues, visit your dentist immediately. There might be an underlying cause of it such as gum or dental problems. Before things led to a serious problem, address it immediately.